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Review: Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight

The Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight delivers serious sculpting benefits. But is it worth the price? By Estelle Low

Would you pay $209 for a pair of workout tights? What if they could do wonders to your figure, and let you exercise more comfortably?

The newly launched Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight promises just that, by providing compression (read: support) around the core, quadriceps and glutes – key muscles used in strength training workouts.

Recently, I got to try those tights during a pilates workout. Here’s how it fared.

The Fit

The Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight in M size looked puny. Thank goodness, they were way stretchier than I thought, and I managed to work my wide hips into them without busting any seams.

The Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight has a high waistband to support the core muscles.

Then, I was slightly intimidated by the high and tight waistband, which reminded me of maternity pants. But I needn’t have worried. My waist felt firmly supported and looked at least two inches smaller, due to the compression effect at the core. Whatever tummy flab I was conscious about was safely tucked away.

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Compression zones at the quadriceps.

And because the compression around the thighs and calves, my legs looked leaner and shapelier too. Another reason to love the tights: The Dri-Fit fabric felt super soft and light against my skin.

The Performance

During my 30-minute pilates workout, my limbs and torso felt compact. I was more aware of the muscles activated, especially in the core. (Strengthen your core with these two easy moves.)

Moving around in the Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight was easy as it was stretchy enough to accommodate different types of exercises, from leg lifts to squats and lunges. While doing planks and downward dogs, I was grateful for the high waistband that kept my tummy taut. No signs of a bulging belly!

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Though I perspired, I didn’t feel hot or sticky, perhaps thanks to the breathable material of the tights.


If you hate having jiggling body parts as you work out, seriously consider getting the Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight as it has compressive support at strategic zones: the core, thighs and butt. Plus, it’s so comfy and well-ventilated, you wouldn’t mind wearing it all day. The only thing stopping me from owning more pairs? The price tag.

The Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight retails at $209, and is available at selected Nike stores.

The writer received a complimentary Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight. All opinions expressed are the writer’s own.

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