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Cool Down With these Ice Creams Perfect for Weight Watchers

Eight places to get icy treats that won’t ruin your diet. By Deborah Lin

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Skinny ice creams for weight watchers. (Photo: Stocksnap /

The sweltering heat is really getting to everyone, isn’t it? To all the strict dieters out there, cut yourself some slack and have an icy cold treat to beat the heat.

Yes, it is okay to eat ice cream occasionally. Research shows that total deprivation doesn’t work anyway.

Instead, scan the label to make a better choice: a 91g to 100g serving (about a scoop) should not contain more than 250 calories and 15g of fat, says Jaclyn Reutens, clinical dietitian at Aptima Nutrition & Sports Consultants. Or, try one of these eight ice cream brands that will hit the sweet spot without popping your waistline. Order online or pop by their store for an afternoon treat. Just be sure to stick to one serving!

Grab your girlfriends and dig into these strawberry, vanilla and dark chocolate flavours. (Photo: Brownice Instagram) 

1. Ice cream perfect for weight watchers: Brownice

The first outfit to offer vegan ice cream in Singapore, Brownice ice creams are made with organic brown rice milk instead of fatty dairy. Drop by one of their cafes at Sin Ming Centre #01-03 or 53 East Coast Road (which also serve mains). Suitable for the lactose-intolerant and vegans.

Website | Instagram @brownice_sg 

2. Ice cream perfect for weight watchers: Latte E Miele

This lovely parlour (200 Turf Club Road #01-34B, The Grandstand) has some of the most unique flavours around. Plus, the Latte E Miele store has a little play area for the kiddos to run amok (it’s indoors and air-conditioned!) Options for vegans available.

Website | Instagram @latte_e_miele

3. Ice cream perfect for weight watchers: Alfero Artisan Gelato

The team’s absolute favourite flavour from Alfero? Pistachio. Irresistibly smooth and creamy, this signature and best-selling flavour is made from premium nuts from Bronte, which are hailed as the world’s best.

Eat in at 81 Macpherson Lane #01-37 or Orchard Gateway #B2-06.


“Made from oodles of fresh berries and cream” – mmmmmmm!(Photo: Sugalight Instagram) 

4. Ice cream perfect for weight watchers: Sugalight

Instead of sugar, the selection of ice cream at Sugalight contains xylitol, a natural sugar substitute. (Check out their cheeky hashtag #icecreamsiudai!) Great for diabetics and weight watchers, who can also dine in at 462 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Rail Mall.

Website | Instagram @sugalightsg

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5. Ice cream perfect for weight watchers: Soyato

Named healthier choice by the Health Promotion Board, Soyato serves up tubs of luscious soya-based treats. Options for the lactose-intolerant and vegans available.

Website | Instagram@soyato

6. Ice cream perfect for weight watchers: Seriously Ice Cream

With the original flavours available at Seriously Ice Cream, weight watchers won’t even notice that the ice creams have less sugar. Plus, none of those stabilisers, preservatives and gum here either! Pop in and try one of their mystery flavours (which change monthly) at Blk 4 Everton Park #01-44.

Website | Instagram@seriouslyicecream

Perk yourself up with a scoop of Coconut, one of three flavours launched by the brand. (Photo: HIC Juice Instagram) 

7. Ice cream perfect for weight watchers: HIC Freeze

Newly launched by HIC Freeze (the same folks behind HIC Juice), these skinny ice creams from are not only good for the lactose-intolerant and vegans, but for those gluten-intolerant. Try it at Suntec City #02-470 and Raffles City #B1-K09.

Website | Instagram@hicjuicesg

8. Ice cream perfect for weight watchers: 320 Below

Made with nitrogen a la minute, the delicious treats from 320 Below are made with natural ingredients – and right in front of customers upon ordering. Other than being low in sugar, there are no flavourings, preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilisers.

Head to their stores at One KM #01-K1 or Tampines 1 #B1-32.

Website | Instagram@320below

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