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A Calorie Guide to Your Favourite Snacks

Find out what these popular snacks will cost you in calories.

Craving that bag of keropok? Would you give into temptation if you knew you’d have to log 15 minutes of stair climbing to negate what you ate? That’s what researchers wanted to find out when they posted signs informing would-be snackers of the “price” (exercise equivalent) of their late-afternoon nibble or drink.

In a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, participants who read that it would take 50 minutes of jogging to cancel out a soda were half as likely to purchase sugary drinks as when they hadn’t seen a sign. “Posting calorie counts alone has not been as effective,” says study author Assistant Professor Sarah Bleich at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “But translating those numbers into real-life activities might get people to change their choices.”

Keep these facts and figures in mind the next time you feel a snack attack coming on.

(Note: Calories burned are based on a 66kg woman. Calorie count sourced from HPB and respective packagings.)

Snack: Chocolate-coated Wafers


Four pieces of chocolate-coated wafers: 210kcal
Work it off! 30 minutes of leisurely cycling

Snack: Pretzel Sticks


A pack of 20 pretzel sticks: 195kcal
Work it off! 1 hour of strength training

Snack: Potato Curls


A pack (72g) of potato curls: 400kcal
Work it off! 37 minutes of running

Snack: Sugar Peanuts


A cup (150g) of sugar peanuts: 847kcal
Work it off! 2.5 hours brisk walking 

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Snack: Gummies


Three pieces (45g) of gummies: 150kcal
Work it off! 15 minutes of inline skating 

Snack: Marshmallows


10 pieces (39g) of marshmallows: 124kcal
Work it off! 10 minutes on an elliptical machine 

Snack: Chocolate Candies with Peanuts


A pack of 15 chocolate candies with peanuts: 250kcal
Work it off! 1 hour 25 mins of hatha yoga 

Snack: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cream Cookie Sandwiches


Four pieces of peanut butter and chocolate cream cookie sandwiches: 280kcal
Work it off! 22 minutes of rock climbing 

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Snack: Biscuit Sticks with Strawberry Cream Dip


A pack (50g) of biscuit sticks with strawberry cream dip: 257kcal
Work it off! 32 minutes of swimming 

Snack: Keropok (Prawn Crackers)


15 small pieces of keropok: 146kcal
Work it of! 15 minutes of stair climbing

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