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9 Reasons to Exercise Outdoors

Why you should head outside for your next workout.

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Exercising outdoors is good for your health, mood and self-esteem! (Photo: Unsplash /

Skip the Youtube workout videos and exercise outdoors to fill your lungs with fresh air instead. We’ve got nine good reasons why you should.

1. Take a stroll to slim down. We kid you not: A brisk one-hour daily walk can reduce your genetic tendency to obesity by half. Harvard scientists studied more than 12,000 people to arrive at this conclusion. So stop blaming Dad and Mum for your “fat inheritance” and lace up now! 

2. Don’t belittle walking as a lazy girl’s activity. A 50kg woman burns 259 calories by walking 5km in one hour. (That’s about the same amount of calories you consume by snacking on a pack of M&M’s chocolate candies with peanuts.) 

3. There’s a whopping 50 per cent improvement in mental health if you take your workouts outdoors as opposed to logging a gym session, according to the 2008 Scottish Health Survey. And it doesn’t matter what you do – whether it’s a leisurely stroll or long run through the woods – you’ll reap the mood-enhancing benefits either way! 

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4. But if you’re looking for maximum benefits, exercise by the sea. Of all outdoor locations, coastal spots lead to the most positive feelings, according to research presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference. 

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Try a new sport out at sea, perhaps stand up paddling? (Photo: Unsplash /

5. Working out in the presence of nature, or what experts call “green exercise”, doesn’t just do wonders for your health; it boosts your mood and self-esteem too, reports a study published in Environmental Science & Technology. Similar to what was found in #4 above, the same researchers also noted that the presence of water amplifies these benefits. What we’re thinking: Time for a stroll around one of the many reservoirs in Singapore.

6. Soaking up some rays in the great outdoors will also give your body that much-needed dose of Vitamin D. Deficiencies in this nutrient have been linked with obesity, muscle weakness and even some cancers. Other studies reveal that low levels of sun exposure may also account for asthma, allergies and eczema (an inflammatory skin condition) in children. Kite-flying or cycling, anyone?

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7. Exercising outdoors steels your resolve to keep fit. The more restored you feel after exercise, the more likely you’ll do it again, says a 2011 study. And working out in nature has precisely that effect. 

8. Those who love a good ride on their wheels torch 331 calories by cycling 20km in one hour (based on a 55kg woman). Log on to and use the distance calculator to chart your route on one of Singapore’s many park connectors or head to rustic Coney Island, if you haven’t already. 

9. Lastly, because Danish author Hans Christian Anderson said so, “Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

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