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7 Super Hot and Fit Bods at Men's Health Urbanathlon 2016!

Chatting up the super fit ladies and lads at Men's Health Urbanathlon 2016! #ILoveMyJob

Citira Corrigan, 36

"The Urbanathlon was excellent, super fun. Loved it. It's my first time here. We started in a big group, around 10 of us; veteran runners and newbies. After the first 4km, the slower members of the team were really sweet and said, 'you guys who have energy just go ahead.' I hope to do this next year with an even bigger team."

Ashton Yeo, 28

"This was kind of a squad thing with my friends. We usually go climbing together. I'm also training for a 21km in May."

Sufyan Adiwarna, 30, and Fatin Farhana, 27

Sufyan: "It's my first time here, and it was definitely worth coming. I do two or three races a year to keep physically active."

Fatin: "I know he needs my support. It's OK waking up early once in a while, and wait for him under the hot sun..."

Sufyan: "I'm trying to get her to join me. We occasionally play tennis together. She's quite a proficient player."

Evon Toh, 23

"I felt like I was going to die. It’s my first time running so much. I’ve never ran past 8km. I went from zero to 7km – which my boyfriend made me do – then 8km, and then today."

Sean Foong, 22

"I ran with two of my army mates, whom I’ve known for almost two years now. We always train together. It’s our first time here. I also made some friends along the way. One guy fell down, so I helped him, talked to him. I’m a very competitive person, but if someone needs help, obviously my race timing doesn’t matter."

Jamie Chambers, 35

"I’m doing a 50km race in the Philippines in June; trail running in the Cordillera mountains. It's my first time doing anything like that. So I’m giving that a try. The Urbanathlon is good training for that. The stairs at the start – running up to the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, and onto the bridge and uphill again – it’s only 2km in but it’s like you’ve ran four; just takes so much out of your legs."

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