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Can This Treatment Help You Lose Belly Fat?

This weight loss treatment aims to shrink the tummy, while providing a host of health benefits. By Estelle Low

The Cleanslim treatment at Body Contour Premier combines gua sha, needleless acupuncture and cupping to promote good health and weight loss.

I’m not for weight loss treatments – give me healthy food and workouts any time. But after having my first child a few months ago, I started hunting for slimming massages that seemed safe to try. For the record, I was losing weight steadily , but was desperate to lose the offending bulge on my waist – fast (no thanks, pregnancy).

What if the flab would never go away? Would I have to live with this expanded waistline for the rest of my life?

I hastily signed myself up for 10 sessions of Jamu massage, an Indonesian-style treatment that focuses on removing fluid retention and toxins by rubbing a blend of medicinal herbs – including ginger – into the body. Not satisfied with my tummy-slimming progress, I continued to look out for other treatments, and decided to try Body Contour Premier’s newly launched Cleanslim treatment upon a media invitation.

Body Contour Premier has outlets at Hill Street, Malacca Street, Raffles Town Club and Roxy Square. Photo: Body Contour Premier
What the Cleanslim weight loss treatment is about

Based on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) principles, the hour-long treatment involves gua sha, acupuncture, cupping as well as deep tissue massage to promote blood circulation and qi (energy) flow in the body. Health benefits include improved digestion, liver and gall bladder function as well as immune system – all invariably linked to weight loss. Treatment is focused on the tummy and back, the main storage areas for fat, water retention and toxins. I’m guessing postnatal women – or anyone with misgivings about her waistline – wouldn’t mind giving this a shot.
How the Cleanslim weight loss treatment works

Gua sha, acupuncture and cupping (placing cups on the skin to create suction) sounds like torture fest, but I survived the treatment without shedding a tear.

The gua sha was surprisingly gentle, presumably because I had pre-warned my therapist that it was my first time trying. The needleless acupuncture was done via infrared laser, using a handheld device. To distract myself from the tingling sensation on my tummy, I started picturing my fat cells being zapped away. When it was time for cupping, my skin felt like it was being clipped by clothes pegs. Thankfully, the pain dissolved quickly as my body got used to it.

Gua sha is a massage technique that involves using a handheld tool to scrape the skin.

Like a reward for sitting through those therapies, I was put on a “body shaker exercise” machine for the last 15 minutes. Lying face up, my feet were propped onto a machine resembling a foot massager, which vibrated vigorously so my body jiggled from side to side. According to a manager at Body Contour Premier, this “exercise” encourages lymphatic drainage and strengthens connective tissue to firm up the skin. Another touted benefit: The calorie burn from 15 minutes on the machine is equivalent to 45 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise.

I’m not inclined to believe that, but I felt soothed – and tickled – by the waves of vibration coursing through my body.

Does the Cleanslim weight loss treatment reduce belly fat?

After the session, my muscles felt slightly sore, and my back and abdomen bore red marks from the cupping – a sign that I had toxins in those areas. Unfortunately, my belly bulge was still hanging around. It would take several sessions for a noticeable difference, the spa manager said. Though it was late in the day, I felt rejuvenated.

Would I undergo this treatment again? Definitely, if I’m feeling loaded. For now, I’d stick to planks and my clean eating diet plan.

The Cleanslim treatment is priced at $280 per 60-minute session, and is available at all Body Contour Premier outlets.
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